Hare & Hound Press is a Collaborative Fine Arts Printmaking Studio founded in 1993 in San Antonio, TX by Janet L. Flohr and Gary Nichols. In our 23 years we have worked with over 200 individual artists on well over 600 separate projects ranging from simple relief, digital, etching and lithographic print editions to highly unique constructions and installation elements. We're not afraid to experiment and push beyond the limits of traditional printmaking editions.

Janet Flohr and Gary Nichols bring professional skills and an ethic of fine craftsmanship to the art of printmaking. Janet's study, work and teaching of photogravure has lead to her expertise in this area as well as her deep understanding of related intaglio mediums. Gary's studies and beginning years of working in Los Angeles has honed both his lithographic and collaborative skills. Together, their combined knowledge and talent can open a door to printmaking.




Celebrating 23 years!